7 tips on being

creative on social media

and in a real life

Today when every brand is fighting for your attention using social media for promoting your company becomes a quite tricky task. It’s no longer enough just to post a picture of your product and wait for tonnes of likes. In order to draw attention to your page you should be really original and creative. Some products and businesses are bright and attractive by themselves, like let’s say swimsuits or travel agencies. But believe us - every business page on social media can look original, bright and creative. You just need to put some efforts, but they are definitely worth it.  

  • Add a bit of humor.

    People like to read and watch something entertaining, it always works. A lot of really creative ideas for social media and traditional advertising channels are based on humor. Only be careful - your joke should be really smart, not greasy and it should be strongly connected to your product or services.

  • What if?

    According to Stephen King that’s the main question which can start developing a bright creative idea. Just don’t restrain your fantasy and try to model up the most unexpected situations of using your product.

  • Don’t post about your product only - try to find something interesting in related categories.

    For example - if your business is a car rental, don’t post cars, cars, cars and cars only. From time to time post something about the most interesting roads, about celebrities and their cars, about some interesting or legendary roads - whatever will be interesting for your potential customer.

  • Can’t find a good creative idea? - Go for a walk!

    No, seriously - recent studies from Stanford University find out that walking improves your creativity! Steve Jobs (we hope everyone knows this guy) was using so-called walking meetings. According to the study creativity levels were consistently and significantly higher for those walking compared to those sitting. And you’ll be surprised how many interesting stuff you’ll find on your way from quirky graffiti to the random conversations on the bus. It’s kind of a raw material you can use later for your creative posts on social media.  

  • Be in a good mood.

    Yes, talking about positive thinking is too trivial as for creative social media agency, but anyway - try to develop a good idea when you pissed off as hell or depressed. It’s like skiing when you’re drunk or even worse. As a legendary creative person David Ogilvy once said: “The best ideas always come as jokes”. So be in a playful mood for a good joke!

  • Surround yourself with interesting and creative stuff.

    Subscribe for the updates from the pages you consider interesting and creative, watch original films and music videos, read books and magazines, take a look at the galleries of different creative festivals. If you consume creative stuff, you’ll be able to develop creative stuff on social media. Good stuff comes inside - good one comes out.

  • Be curious.

    Mostly creative ideas are kind of mixes of different facts. The more you know - the more materials for creativity you’ve got. How many times you saw a post on social media starting with: “Did you know… and - bla-bla-bla, an amazing fact about something”. And you just like: “Wow! I couldn’t even imagine!” Use this trick! It’s old as the world, but still works. The more you know - the more creative you can be combining different data in your head. Life is extremely interesting! So why your social media page should be boring?

    And don’t forget - we’re always here to help. We can take the most boring and average stuff about any product or service on the market and turn it into extremely interesting creative post which people will be liking and sharing with pleasure.


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