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marketing facts about Social Media

When you start using your social media page for marketing, you’ve got a lot of different questions. We’ve gathered the most common questions from our clients and partners and added some useful and interesting information from ourselves. Enjoy!

  • What is the most popular brand on social media?

On Facebook the absolute leader is Coca-Cola with its almost 105 million followers worldwide. On Instagram the winner of “marketing world cup” is Nike - the famous sports brand has 72.8 million fans.

  • Who’s the most popular celebrity on social media?

Cristiano Ronaldo with his 120+ million army of Facebook is the ultimate winner. By the way, Michael Jackson is also among top 10 celebrities on Facebook, he’s got over 75 million fans.

  • Which country is the most active on social media?

According to the last reports it’s Philippines. The average time spending on social networking today in this country is 3.7 hours. By the way, UAE ranks 5th among top social media countries, the average time spent on social networking is 3 hours per day. So using social media for marketing in the UAE is a quite smart idea.

  • Are there a lot of fake accounts on social media?

Facebook reports there are approximately 90 million fake accounts - 10 times more than the population of the UAE. People create them for different reasons, most often - for sharing and liking the content they don’t want to show to their real friends.

  • Why can’t I like the same post several times?

Well, in fact you can - you can like your post, share it and like the shared post again, but it’s not smart at all. By the way - the button “like” should be the “Awesome” button in the beginning, but Zuckerberg vetoed the idea in 2007.

  • What’s the best time for posting on social media when you use your page for marketing?

According to the latest reports most of the social media networks report that their busiest time is between 1 and 4 PM on Wednesdays and Thursdays. But keep in mind - you’ll be competing with million other posts and only the best will survive. In our opinion the quality of your content is much more important thing than timing. Facebook or Instagram mechanism will automatically show your post to more people once it sees your content is interesting and people like and share it.

  • What should I put as a profile picture and a cover picture on my branded social media page?

For a profile picture the logo of your company will be the best solution. As for the cover - you can use your slogan on the branded background, photos of your products or an inspiring quote related to your business or which is inline with your marketing goals. Also you can update your cover once you’ve got a promo-campaign or sale.

  • Is it OK to post the same content on different social media?

Absolutely! Mostly your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram audience are different people. But if some of them will see your marketing content on different pages, it’s not bad if only the content isn’t bad itself.

Feel free to add your questions regarding social media below and we’ll try to answer as soon as possible.


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