Facebook for business

Why you should be there?

In the end of June 2017 Facebook claimed that the network had reached the mark of two billion active users worldwide. If Facebook was a country it would be the world’s most populous one, leaving even China behind. Every single second 5 new Facebook profiles are created!

We bet - you’ve got a Facebook profile and all of your friends do as well. There are over 8.7 million Facebook users in the UAE (with a total population of 9.2 million). About 4 million users live in Dubai, 1.8 million - in Abu Dhabi. So most of your target audience are already there. What are you waiting for?

How will we succeed?

By creating original and interesting content related to your business which will engage your customers. Sure, from time to time we should use paid promotions, but when the content is great, you pay less. When we create something what people like, very often they like it even without boosting. Also there are numerous Abu Dhabi and Dubai groups on Facebook related to different subjects. If we create a great content we could share it across these groups. Of course, admins don’t like to approve sharing a branded content (and sometimes they don’t), but again - if the content is great, they simply have no choice.