7 tips and tricks on using

social media page for business

So you’ve created a Facebook page for your business - congrats! But with a joy of new discoveries you feel a bit of panic. A thousand questions started drilling your brain at once: What should I post there? How often should I post? What if my business isn’t so interesting like leisure tourism or selling swimsuits? Where can I take interesting info for my page? What if someone writes something unpleasant on my business page and so on... We prepared 7 simple tips and tricks which will help you to avoid disappointment and start promoting your business page on social media properly from the very beginning.  

  1. Entertain

    The first and the most important rule of social media marketing. People don’t log in to their social media accounts just to see your ads. More of it - unlike ads in printed media where people simply have no choice and will see your ads anyway, ads on social media can be blocked in 2 clicks. Once you become too annoying, users will simply hide your messages from their feed and get you out of their social media life forever. Think of them like of your friends. Tell them interesting stories and facts related to your business, entertain them with smart jokes, give them good advices and they will love you. Nobody wants to have a friend who constantly talks about himself and keep on displaying himself in every post, it’s irritating. You’d rather have a friend who can tell you something interesting, encouraging or funny, agree? It works on social media as well. Proportion of your posts should be approximately 80:20 of which 80% are entertaining posts and 20% - commercial ones. Once people like your business page, they’ll be ready to buy.

  2. Make 1 post per 2 days

    As we said - you should be very delicate on social media. If you post too often you risk to become too annoying and people simply will switch you off like an unpleasant buzz. In our own experience, making 1 post per 2 days is a kind of golden middle - not too often, not too rare, just right. Also it gives you more time and possibilities to create better content. Anyway - it’s much better to create 15 outstanding posts than 30 ones of “so-so” quality.

  3. Upload more videos

    Currently Facebook is trying to develop their own video service and make people watch video without leaving their feed. It’s obvious - they don’t want people to leave for YouTube or Vimeo. That’s why Facebook engine shows posts with video to a wider audience, comparing to the posts with photos. In average your posts are shown to 10% of your followers, but if the post contains video, it can reach up to 20% and sometimes even more! Use it for social media promotions of your business.

  4. Don’t delete negative comments (if they are true), work with them

    Nobody’s perfect and everyone makes mistakes. However, if you made something wrong, it’s much better to admit it and make everything to fix an unpleasant situation, than simply try to hush it up. Always try to act with dignity and your customers will appreciate it.

  5. Show your team

    Making posts about your working process is a chance to engage people, let them take a peek behind the scenes of your business. People adore different TV-shows which let them understand how different things were made and Hollywood guys create “making of” videos more and more often. People are curious, so just satisfy their curiosity! 

  6. Use a calendar

    Everyday is a day of something: Independence Day in Burkina Faso or Lost Socks Day - be smart, funny and original and try to connect these occasions to your business. Your creativity will definitely help you stand out from the crowd.

  7. Always make a content plan for a month ahead

    But leave some space for sudden posts. Use actual news and different occasions for making smart posts related to your business. A brilliant example - Norwegian Airways posted about huge discounts for ladies on the flights to LA after the news about Pitt and Jolie’s divorce. It’s a great opportunity to make your posts go viral.

We hope these little tips will help you to improve your social media strategy and make your business page on social media more popular. Stay tuned - more interesting stuff is yet to come!


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