Creating social media content

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Canaveral is a

social media creative agency

If content is the king, an Idea is the queen. We have them both! We create the most likable content for your social media pages to hold your audience around the orbit of your brand and raise your brand-awareness to an unreachable height. Mostly we operate in social media spaces of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but our ideas can be useful in any part of the universe.

Add some drama -

not average social media content

It's no longer enough to just have a regular online presence anymore. Be it across any social media platform or even the Internet in general. Technology is changing drastically, social media channels born, die and kill each other, but the essence of communication remains the same: In order to draw attention you should add emotions, you should be interesting.

You can be strange, you can be funny, you can be serious, you can be anything but ordinary and boring. Being interesting on social media - That's our main rule! We’ll help you to be positively different in your communications.

When people press "like" they really like our content. And you? - You pay less for promotion, because interesting content promotes itself. Are you with us? Then fasten your seat belts - The most amazing journey to the stars starts here.

Creating social media content

“Nobody reads advertising. People read what interests them, and sometimes that’s advertising.” It’s a famous quote by Howard Gossage - “The Socrates of San Francisco”, a creative genius from sixties. Today social media feed replaced newspapers, magazines and even TV, but people remain the same - they won’t be interested by ordinary stuff.

So we don’t make advertising on social media - we make something what interests people. We’re kind of old school creatives on the new wave! We bring together the best from both worlds. Having over 10 years experience of working for traditional creative agencies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Eastern Europe, we bring that bright approach to the world of social media.

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